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This is what happens when enough wind hits a vertical plane.  We imagine the guy driving the truck must’ve been chewing on his stomach about halfway through the video.  Looks to us like the trailer was empty, which didn’t help — effectively he had a sail on the back of his rig.

Whatever the situation, we feel bad for the driver, even if they weren’t hurt.  Of course, as some of the commenters on the site were saying, a driver should know his truck and recognize when conditions are too dangerous to drive.  We wonder why the driver risked it.

Truck Blown Away [YouTube]


6 Responses to Doh! Truck Blown Away

  1. Mike says:

    Aren’t most truckers paid by the mile? If they’re not moving, they don’t get paid. But still, it’s gonna cost a lot to fix that truck and that trailer.

  2. rjerryc says:

    You don’t always know when the wind will gust and catch you like that. In Oregon, up in the Columbia Gorge, this sort of thing happens once or twice a year. I personally watched an unexpected gust lift a semi up and over the center guard rail, flipping the rig on its side on the opposite side of the freeway.

  3. mikenearseattle says:

    sorry I saw that and thought about the Hungry man tv dinner ads.

  4. ShopMonger says:

    Ouch that is all that needs to be said

  5. Daniel says:

    That brought back vivid memories of the time I tipped a truck in the middle of the road, when the 2000 gallon water tank I was hauling shifted to the side after I hit a soft spot in the road. Took about 200 yards before it finally flopped over on the side. Craziest feeling!

  6. Manny says:


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