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It seems reader Beano_t is always busy, and this weekend was no exception.  The old plastic hose reel at his place wasn’t getting the job done, so Beano built one himself.  It’s not glorious work and probably won’t win him any praise — but to those of us with our hoses falling off of cracking plastic, it looks great.

This nicely designed project consists of a cedar post with 1/2” rebar drilled into the bottom to keep it in place and a cedar 2×4 that he cut into strips and rounded over to form the hose hanger.  He mounted the hanger part to the upright by attaching the strips to a cross piece, which looks like it’s fastened either mortise-and-tenon style or with screws — though we could be mistaken on that part.

In either case, well done, Beano — we hope the lawn is less unsightly now than it was this time last week.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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