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If a busy day for you includes contractor planning meetings, investor face time, jobsite organization, and good old-fashioned hard labor, you know that the jump from jobsite-ready to boardroom-professional can be difficult.  For just such a many-faceted worker DieHard makes their duty oxford shoe.

DieHard makes the shoe from full-grain leather that’s both durable and nice-looking.  The shoes include an oil, water, and slip-resistant outsole, and while they’re not steel-toed, I can attest from personal experience that the leather toe is quite tough and stands up to moderate force from falling objects.

Oxford-styled shoes don’t have the traditional “up the ankle” design of standard work boots, but these do incorporate a split sole for comfort and support.  Sears sells the pair in all standard sizes from 7-1/2 to 13 for $50, but you can often find ’em on sale for $35.

DieHard Duty Oxford Shoe [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to DieHard Duty Oxford Shoe

  1. Bugler says:

    The 6″ model is apparently on sale now for $40.


  2. Jim K. says:

    For all you Dealmongers, I just checked the link and they’re actually listed at $35 currently.

  3. Jereme Green says:

    The design looks great Iwould wear them

  4. Kevin Pace says:

    They shine up pretty nicely too. Throw on a little Kiwi black boot polish, let it dry, give it a good buff and they just gleam. That will cover the scuffs that you can, and will, get when wearing them on work sites.

  5. heywood says:

    I wear the 6″ model of their workboots. The only beef I have is that they aren’t made in the U.S. Otherwise they are great boots and the soles are very well-cushioned, helping fight fatigue in my 8-12 hr. days on site.

    However, I am not rich and don’t have $250 to spend on Danners or other U.S.-made boots.

  6. Kevin Pace says:

    After last night’s rain storms, I can verify the quality of the non-slip sole feature as well. My store displays mowers and tractors outside the home improvement entrance and we had one of our traditional Florida downpours last night.

    We had to push 14 tractors and 26 mowers out of the rain and my shoes didn’t miss a beat in the almost inch of water that had gathered on the sidewalk. Not even a small falter when I walked back into the store on the freshly waxed floor with my wet feet. Very solid.

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