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The three-piece Smart Cap from Evriholder Products adds a screw cap and spout to any bag so you can easily pour, seal, and store bags of pet food, seed, potting soil, or any other products that comes in a plastic bag.

It appears that you cut the proper size hole in the bag, insert the base into the bag, screw the spout over the base to lock it into place, and screw the cap over the spout.  Then, to access the contents of the bag just unscrew the cap.

A set of four small Smart Caps or three large Smart Caps will run you $11, plus $7 shipping unless you spend $30.

Smart Cap [Evriholder Products]
Smart Cap [Always Brilliant]


4 Responses to Add A Reclosable Spout To Any Bag

  1. Snork says:

    Or you could use a bulldog paper clip that come 6 for a dollar.

  2. MarkPH says:

    I bought something similar to this at harbor freight for under 2 dollars. Thought it would be useful. For half a year I haven’t found anything good to use them for. Bags these days seemed to come with their own resealable tops or a bulldog clip would handle the job nicely, so I don’t see the need for these plastic caps. I don’t have much hope for my plastic caps. Maybe the next time I clean my room, it’s gonna go out with the trash.

  3. Jereme Green says:

    Cool this would definatly work with bags of concrete or bags of sand

  4. diluded000 says:

    These would be awesome for piping frosting onto stripper cakes.

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