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Next week Craftsman is set to release its newest addition to the existing 12V Nextec line:  the Multi-Tool.  If the shape seems a little familiar, it should — except for a few slight differences in the casing, it looks very similar to the Bosch PS50-2B multi-saw.

Craftsman designed the Multi-Tool for cutting, sanding, scraping, and grinding, all by means of the 15,000 OPM drive.  The unit comes with six attachments, a sampling of cutters and scrapers that Craftsman says will tackle anything from drywall to masonry.

Like the rest of the Nextec line, the Multi-Tool features an LED work light and a 30-minute quick-charger. The Multi-Tool will also run about $100 with the charger and bag included, which is less than half the price of the PS50-2B.

Nextec 12V Multi-Tool [Craftsman]


10 Responses to Craftsman Nextec Multi-Tool

  1. Kevin says:

    Associates got an unboxed model of this a week or two ago to try out in the store work room. It is surprisingly durable. (We threw it against a wall a few times to see if it would break and it is still kicking along.)

    Cut drywall, thin concrete, soft wood, and a couple other things with fair ease and the battery lasted the on and off 2 hour trial we had.

    Seems to be cool so far.


  2. Daz says:

    I wonder if the battery life on this will outlast the Bosch PS-50’s purported 8 minute sanding on rough mahogany.

  3. MarkPH says:

    This look similar to the Fein Multimaster, anyone know if the blades are compatible? The fein’s blades are very expensive.

  4. Jereme Green says:

    This tool is worth its weight in gold I love craftsman tools. And they have a great warranty

  5. Ole Wayne says:

    Craftsman power tools are a horrible choice bad batteries off centers boo

  6. fred says:

    I agree with Ole Wayne that the current lineup of Craftsman power tools are designed for light-duty use – and do not even excell at that.
    The few oddball items that we’ve bought from Sears over the last few years have been purchased because they looked like they might fit a niche job – but didn’t.
    They also seem to go low end (cheap vinyl that hardens in the cold) with their cord sets.

  7. heywood says:

    the craftsman tools that I approve of only include their mechanic tool sets (sockets only, then I purchase an Allen or other socket driver) and the products that Knipex produces under the Craftsman name (cobra pliers, hopefully more!)

  8. Ed says:

    I purchased a multitool from Harbor Freight that filled a lot of the jobs that no other tool was able to do. I paid $39.95 with four attachments; all of which did what I needed to do. For example, it served to cut a shim off flush with a base board without damaging the base board. Cutting a hole in sheetrock went smoothly also. The downside was I had to replace it twice under a lifetime warranty, but that was more of a inconvinence than a hassle. If the Craftsman does as well it is worth the money. Also, if the Craftsman has the same four little holes set equally around the mating surfaces like the Fein Multimaster, the blades for the Harbor Freight will also work. However, the Bosch PS-50, I believe is different in the hole layout.

  9. west30capt says:

    The attachments for this tool will work on the Fein Multi…

  10. Just wanting to ask. My husband is going to need to buy a planer to shave off the bottom of some doors when we put down new carpet. Would this tool be able to do something like this?

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