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Tregaskiss makes pro welding gear — I thought they were largely on the robotic welder side of the market, but as it turns out they also do consumables like nozzles and tips and complete MIG systems.  Upon inspection, I found we even have a Tregaskiss tip lying around the shop.  Despite my unfamiliarity with the brand, they’ve been building welding gear for over 40 years now;  they finally got my attention by launching a feature mag called Fusion Online.

The magazine highlights what’s going on with the company, and it sports the normal bells and whistles to let enthusiasts of Tregaskiss gear entertain themselves with a little web candy.

Think of it like an email newsletter with benefits and without all the hassle normally associated with spam. Fusion will come out four times a year, and to have a copy sent to you, you only need to register at the sign-in sheet on the Tregaskiss site.

Fusion Online Sign-up Page [Tregaskiss]


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