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The Addalock adds an extra layer of security to most properly installed inward-swinging doors, even if there’s no lock on the door.  It installs and removes quickly, so you can use it both at home and when you travel.

The Addalock is made up of two parts: the steel claw that you insert into the door frame and which grips the strike opening;  and the red wedge that keeps the door closed.  A chain connects the two parts so you don’t lose either of them.

Here’s some more requirements for using the Addalock:  the door must swing inwards, there must be a 1/4″ gap between the door and jamb, the latch must retract completely when you turn the door knob, and the door must close freely with the Addalock in place.  If any of these criteria aren’t met, the door can get jammed shut.

Open the door, insert the claw part into the strike hole, and close the door to hold the claw part in place.  Then insert the pin of the red wedge into one of the holes of the claw body, and push the wedge down until it’s secured against the door.  To open the door, simply pull up on the wedge and remove it from the claw part.

One Addalock will run you $20.

Addalock [Rishon Enterprises]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Secure Your Door With The Addalock

  1. russ says:

    When I saw this the “penny-lock” days in college came back to mind.

  2. Jaxx says:

    I think if you are staying in motels a wedge would be better to take with you, as the locks I have seen have always been pretty poor, let alone to any uniform spec. Also its pretty hard to break down a door with a wedge in the way.

  3. Snork says:

    Actually wedges are pretty useless if the door gets multiple shoves. Lee valley had a wedge that had a pointed screw that would dig into the floor if pushed and that looks likely to work. Another design I saw went into the door frame and then a plate and pin was used to lock it. At home drilling a small, downward angled hole in the latch and using a nail as a locking pin works great.

  4. Jereme Green says:

    Looks great but I am pretty sure if someone wanted to break in they could some people have nothing else better to do

  5. toolbelt says:

    I always carry a few 2×4’s, nails and hammer. Sleep good at night.

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