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On the face of it, these general purpose 1/8″ cut-out bits from DeWalt are just another bit, but start reading about the features and one pops out at you — when cutting into walls, the bit’s left-handed spiral pushes chips and dust into the wall cavity rather than out into the room.  Less mess to clean is always a good thing in our book.

Besides pushing less dust into the room, the one-flute design supposedly clears chips faster, making the bit cut quicker.  You can use these 2-3/4″ long bits on a wide range of materials including wood, drywall, composites, and plastics.

You’ll pay $7 to $10 for a five-pack of these bits.

General Purpose Bits [DeWalt]
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One Response to Cut-Out Bits Save Some Cleanup

  1. Jereme Green says:

    These are cool bits sometimes when drilling a hole the dust and particales cover the hole so much it has to be cleaned out

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