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You’re not going to break the tip of a Graham Razel knife — that’s because there is no tip.  Part chisel, part razor knife, the Razel or razor-chisel is all business.  Created by Jon and Josh Graham, the knives can be custom-ordered from Graham Knives, or if you absolutely, positively must have one now, Columbia River Knife and Tool manufactures a selection of folding and fixed-blade models.

With the Razel’s front edge you can scrape, chisel, pry, ream, and cut one-handed or in tight quarters by pushing the front edge into the material.

Columbia River’s fixed-blade Razels vary in retail price from $100 to $200, and their folding Razels retail for $50 to $60 — but you can find deals if you look for ’em, such as $40 for a folder or $70 for a fixed-blade at Amazon.

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3 Responses to The Graham Razel Knife

  1. Newguytoo says:

    If you’re looking for deals, you can find a good selection of these at http://knifecenter.com.

  2. Pete says:

    Looks like a great design for a handyman knife. You know what would be really cool? A two blade folder with one of these razel blades and one standard blade. Both locking, of course, ala the two blade Byrds….

  3. CJD says:

    The Buck Bravo is a better knife. Longer blade, folder, G10 handles, and better blade steel.

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