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The creator of the Hook-Um Dano ladder lock must have been a fan of Hawaii Five-O, but then, who isn’t? We’re not exactly sure how this product relates to a cop show set in Hawaii — what it does do is secure one or two extension or step ladders to your ladder or roof rack, quickly and without tools.

The Hook-Um Dano is made of heavy-gauge steel with a red powder-coat finish.  Steel pins on the ends of the cross bar keep it from spinning after it’s in position, and a center bushing allows it to slide on a J-bolt.  To secure your ladders, hook the J-bolt to either the front cross bar or center cross bar of your rack, slide the cross bar down the J-bolt to hold the ladders, spin the keeper on, and lock it to the cross bar.

The Hook-Um Dano starts at $32, which includes shipping and handling.  The lock probably isn’t included, but it’s not specified on the website.

Hook-Um Dano [Corporate Site]
Hook-Um Dano [Discount Ramps]


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  1. Barri says:

    I was looking for some of these for over a year in the US when i moved from the UK. I had to order them from the UK at about the same cost as this one. Surprised they have only come out over here now. They have been out in the UK ever since i bought my first ladder.

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