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While your buddy might get bored steadying the ladder and go off in search of a cold one, the Ladder Lock never will.  Designed to prevent serious accidents, it connects to any standard-size extension ladder on either the right or left side, and its wishbone clamp secures the ladder to gutters, roofs, framing, or railings to hold it steady.

The solid steel Ladder Lock meets OSHA safety standards.  Weighing only two pounds, it’s easy to hook onto your belt and carry up the ladder, and its rubber feet give it a firm grip and protect the surface it’s attached to.

A Ladder Lock will run you about $47 after shipping and handling charges.

Ladder Lock [Corporate Site]
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11 Responses to The Ladder Lock: Your Little Ladder-Holding Buddy

  1. bowdenski says:

    Has anyone ever seen these? The view of it straight on to the board would worry me to no end and made me think that a c-clamp rig or something that you really tightened might make sense.
    your last memory, the sound of the clamps snapping together right before the thud of you and tools onto the yard?

  2. oilstain says:

    Uh, I don’t really get this tool. Looks like it attatches at the top of the ladder. Wouldn’t you need someone to hold the ladder so that you can get up to attach this thing? Also, I’m not sure how much good this will do being attached to non-structural parts of the house.

    If you are going over, this aint gonna stop you. If you aren’t going over, then this won’t be doing much either.

    I guess it’s better than nothing, if you have to climb up to the same spot a few times?

  3. Toolhearty says:

    I guess I don’t see how this could be effective even after looking at the photos from the manufacturer. I suppose it would help prevent the ladder from sliding to one side (if you happen to have a convenient, thin, flat object to clamp onto).

    Personally, I’ve used one of these for many years:


    Smartest twenty bucks I’ve ever spent.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I think the previous posters are missing the real purpose of this product. From what I can tell it is just to ensure your ladder doesn’t blow or slip away while you are on the roof. I personally just tie a piece of rope to my gutter.

    There is no way this product should considered as a ladder stabilizer, Toolhearty obviously knows what one of those is. I would never trust a spring clamp on a gutter ( most likely aluminum) to keep a ladder stable.

  5. I think the intention of this device is to keep the ladder from moving either side to side, or falling backward. Whether or not it’s going to stop that from happening when you’re on it is a good question, but the site tends to lead you to the conclusion that it will.

    If you look at their OSHA/Safety Issues page this is what they say:

    The Ladder Lock has been tested by an outside engineering company. They have confirmed that two Ladder Locks used on a properly set ladder will hold against over 300 pounds of lateral pull. One Ladder Lock will hold 120 pounds. This is remarkable considering that when you step off an extension ladder or back on from a typical surface, you push off with approximately 30 pounds of force.

    If it were me I’d choose Toolhearty’s stabilizer, but I still think this is an interesting product.

  6. Brau says:

    ” two Ladder Locks used on a properly set ladder will hold against over 300 pounds of lateral pull”

    Maybe the lock will … but the gutter/facia board, likely won’t. Personally I think this offers a false sense of security. As blow-away protection it’s fine, but the rest of the claims don’t sit well with me. Wouldn’t work for me anyhow as I have full gutter covers and no way to clip to the roof sheathing.

  7. reacher says:

    I use 2 small “C” clamps, clamp one on each side of the ladder angled downward into the gutter. Ladder never slips that way.

  8. metis says:

    hmm. so my ladder isn’t going to crush my gutter? and my gutter is *really* going to take 300 pounds of lateral pull? who knew a piece of 22ga metal with a few pieces of strap steel was so robust.

  9. russ says:

    @metis great point about the ladder crushing the gutter. I go up before, putting the ladder below the gutter, and put in a piece of plywood [cut from the time before] that fits in the top portion to keep the ladder and my weight from crushing it.

  10. reacher says:

    I’ve been placing my ladder against my galvanized steel gutters for over ten years and they have never collapsed, dented or shown any adverse effects. I clean out the gutters three of four times a year, and I weigh 215 pounds

  11. john says:

    You need to check out the web site. After stringent testing, Ladder Lock is being used by all major insurance companies and satellite dish companies as their undisputed first line in ladder safety. It’s being used tens of thousands of time a day. The gutter is braced from collapsing by the adjustable arm. It’s made from solid steel, not plastic. I highly recommend this product to everyone who uses an extension ladder.

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