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Here’s another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” tools:  a garage door opener that works even when the power goes out. Normally in that situation you’d have to pull the emergency release and open the door manually, and I can’t see my wife working too well with that option — with her luck she’d have the door on her foot in seconds.

A Sears DieHard battery runs the DC-powered motor when the power goes out. The opener features the required safety sensors, two remotes, and an intelligent panel that shows time, temperature, and diagnostic information, plus a Security+ feature to deter thieves.

The Craftsman Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup sells for $280.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


4 Responses to Craftsman Garage Door Opener With Battery Backup

  1. Kevin says:

    This is a surprisingly well selling model considering it is the most expensive one we carry. Consider also, though, that I live in Florida where tropical storms and hurricanes cut out power routinely so this is something that happens often.

    It’s a great product though. Always get positive reviews back on it from my customers.


  2. Adam R says:

    I have also used a spare UPS from the server room. Only works a few times if the power stays out, but helps for that time you run out and forgot to get the house keys.

  3. Aaron says:

    This looks a LOT like the model Lowes sells for a ~$50 less… Chamberlain 248754 http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=248754-38782-248754&lpage=none

  4. HollywoodBob says:

    @Aaron, it probably is the same unit. LiftMaster and Craftsman are both Chamberlain sub-brands.

    Though, battery backup openers aren’t that great. They’re fine if your power is out for a few hours, but if it’s out for more than 16-20 hours you’re gonna get getting out of the car.

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