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In 1974, James Dyson created the Ballbarrow, a wheelbarrow with a ball in place of the front wheel.  It’s no longer manufactured, but a company named NuVations markets a wheelbarrow similar in concept: the NuBarro.

NuVations manufactures the NuBarro in Germany.  They start with a polypropylene roller wheel (the NuRoller) that they claim is impossible to puncture, never needs inflation, and resists heat and acid. The wheel rotates about a steel axle on sealed bearings and can support up to 750lbs.  The wide ball-like wheel travels easily over soft terrain like mud, snow, gravel, and sand without sinking and makes it easy to lift, turn, and dump the NuBarro.

Heavy-duty skid plates on the bottom of the no-rust steel frame protect it from damage and keep it balanced.  The tub is also zinc-galvanized to resist corrosion.

NuVations currently sells three different models in some limited retail locations: the NuBarro L which retails for $135 and has a 3 cu. ft. capacity, the NuBarro XL that has a 4 cu. ft. capacity for $150, and the NuBarro XL Pro which also has a 4 cu. ft. capacity, but also features a painted tub, for $165.

Despite the website’s 2005 copyright and order links that you can’t order from, NuVations is still alive and kicking.  I talked with a representative on the phone who told me they’re planning to re-launch their web page with an e-commerce site, and they’re also planning to sell a new version with a frame that can be broken down and shipped easily via UPS.

NuBarro [Corporate Site]


22 Responses to The NuBarro: The Ballbarrow Reincarnated?

  1. Snoopy says:

    Where’s the laser? Something like this has *got* to have a laser!!!

  2. apotheosis says:

    Is that the same Dyson who made the vacuums of the same name? One of those vacuums has a ball like that…

    (…sure, I could google it, but if we answer all our own questions we don’t give others an opportunity to feel like know-it-alls.)

  3. thomas says:

    Yes, that is the same James Dyson. Unfortunately, trouble with partners and investors only resulted in a limited run of the ball barrow in Great Britian

  4. Rod Storey says:

    Is the Nubarro available in the UK?

    Can I buy one from you?

    Thank youo, Rod Storey

    • Denise Tarling says:

      Is the trolley ball made the same as Dysons.
      As I have a launching trolley of his manufacture and one of the trolley balls is worn out. As you know his trolley balls are no longer manufactured.
      Am I able to purchase the ball separately?
      If so how much are they and would they fit on my launching trolley ?

  5. Mr B Holliday says:

    Is the Nubarrow available in the UK and, if so, where can one be purchased and ap what price in GBP?

  6. mike bearpark says:

    my ball barrow just about had it where can i buy a new one from

  7. Kim Kelly says:

    please could you let me know where I can purchase one of these Nubarro`s in the UK.


  8. David Roake says:

    Are these being sold and where. I live in NZ AND WOULD BE INTERESTED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

  9. Chris Gates says:

    I tried the Nubarro site its just a dead page with adverts on it for other sites. The NuVations.com is an electronics company. If any one has any luck actually finding this company I would be interetsed in purchasing one. Also I have a Dyson Ballbarrow frame and wheel but the tray what ever you call it broke its supporting legs dont like having the weight of what was being carried on them. I am trying to find a replacement tray failing that if anyone wants this frame and ball please feel free to contact me.

    • Andrew Rodber says:

      Hi mate I will buy your Dyson frame and ball, can you send me some pictures of it. Cheers Andrew 07730277036

  10. Piers Cowing says:

    can you purchase Nubarrow ball on it’s own as spare part?

    thank you

  11. JohnniePilkingto says:

    I’m looking for a replacement ball for a Ballbarrow

    Any ideas? Or a way to fix a punctured ball..

  12. Elida DeLuca says:

    I am looking for either a new ballburrow or a replacement ball. Love the one I have but it is wearing out. I am in C .

  13. Sherry Hambrick says:

    I am trying to find a new ball for my ballbarrow, the rubber has split and the ball itself is cracked. Can any send me in the right dirrection to find one? Thanks

  14. Cheri Long says:

    I too am looking for replacement parts to the wheelbarrow.
    I either need the ball with the rubber strip or just the rubber strip. Please help me to go in the right direction to get this replaced. I love this wheelbarrow and would hate to have to find a new one.

  15. keith says:

    hello, did anyone ever come up with a source for the ball or the rubber strip?

  16. ann says:

    Hi, is there a way to buy a new nubarro?

  17. Fran Hutchins says:

    I live in South Carolina USA and wnd have one of these that I purchased a number of years ago here in the States. I want to get another as it’s the best wheelbarrow I’ve ever had. Are they still made and how can I get another? Thanks!

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