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My cold drinks always get hot in the shop.  Sometimes I carry a small lunchbox with a freezer pack out there, but I usually forget about it and end up leaving it out in the garage for a few days.  For Toolmongers who don’t keep a mini fridge, or the “old” fridge, out in the shop, Craftsman makes this Retro Design Cooler — it looks cool and it keeps your drinks cool, too!

It’ll hold up to 40 pounds of ice and a case of your favorite beverage as well. The diamond plate cooler features a built-in drain and a handy bottle opener on the front, and it comes in Red, Black, or Silver to “coordinate” with your shop.

The Craftsman Cooler sells for $280, kind of steep seeing as how you need to fill it with ice.  If it drops into the $50-$75 range I might pick one up as a novelty item, but otherwise that $280 would buy a nice new mini-fridge — or a used one and a can of spray paint to make it shop-worthy.

Craftsman Retro Design Cooler [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


7 Responses to The Craftsman Cooler

  1. techieman33 says:

    I’d rather have this if I was going to spend that much money

  2. Michael says:

    For less than half that price, you could wander over to the Sears appliance section and get a compact fridge (2.7 cu. ft.). And you wouldn’t need to bring the ice :0P

  3. Old Donn says:

    This is tailor made for the Craftsman geek who has everything, however, (see above), Michael has nailed it.

  4. Michael W. says:

    I think I’d go for the used refrigerator and just screw on my own bottle opener.

    Actually I probably will have to as my current “studio” fridge will be going into the apartment we’re putting in and I need somewhere to put the beer I’ve been brewing. I better get over to Craigslist!

  5. Toolaremia says:

    Paul, Sears has gone to the quite-useful mouse-over magnifier on the product pictures now. Of course, that means you can only get the low-res for the Toolmonger articles now. Unless…

    Mouse over the picture, wait for the magnifier box to show up, then right-click and select View Background Image (Firefox). In the URL that shows up, you can change the “hei” and “wid” to be whatever size you need for Toolmonger, hit enter, and get it custom-made. I set it for 2000×2000 and it worked too:

    Also great if you need more detail than the magnifier will show. 2000 seems to be the max.

  6. dylan says:

    some people have just too much money.

  7. Hostus Mostus says:

    Love this Cooler but can’t find it available on the Sears site. I’m not rich but I do have large family holiday dinners and can’t find a durable indoor cooler. All others have hinged doors that don’t hold up to use and aren’t large enough to hold a combination of water bottles, ice, beer and soda cans. The only draw back is the weight, lists as 97 lbs. Would make this investment but would have to see it in person first.

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