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The Ames True Temper lawn and leaf cart holds up to a 30-gallon bag open so you can collect your leaves, grass clippings, or even recyclables.  If your bag’s only half full, the flip-down lid keeps the contents in the bag until you can fill it completely.

Mount the cart to the wall, or use the wheels and tubular handle to move the plastic-bodied cart where it’s needed.  The adjustable bag holder works with either paper or plastic bags.

You’ll pay somewhere north of $30 for this lawn and leaf cart.

Lawn and Leaf Cart [Ames True Temper]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Lawn And Leaf Cart

  1. blore40 says:

    All it needs is a hopper so that I can empty from my collection bag. Anyone else have trouble emptying from your mower’s collection bags into those 30 gallon paper bags?

  2. paganwonder says:

    I use the bio-degradible(sp?) plastic w/o trouble but this cart looks useful. Another excuse to go to the hardware store- yeehaw!

  3. molee says:

    This thing is worthless when trying to empty the mower grass bag. The frame that holds the bag is much too small and the plastic clips that hold the bag to the bracket end up in the bag with the grass clippings.

  4. richard branz says:

    Please supply me with a price and how to order. Thanks

  5. jackson cartwright says:

    How much is the lawn and leaf cart and how do I order?

  6. Lyle Clark says:

    I am in need of a set of clips that hold the bag on thd Ames leaf bag cart. 5255565465.
    You very much
    Lyle Clark

  7. Ronald Iwami says:

    Does the cart fold up for easy storage? My old one could fold and looks totally different.


  8. Richard Mueller says:

    I own a Lawn & Leaf Cart and have lost some of the clips. How can I purchase some clips only?

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