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Brave Products seems to be having a bigger issue with their hydraulics than they thought. Their semi-recent recall of a few splitters has been expanded to encompass quite a few more models. The issue is with the splitters’ hydraulic cylinders — defective rod retention causes the seals to leak and the rods to detach.

The word “detach” doesn’t sound scary, but when the thing that’s “detaching” is the cylinder rod — with a large, pointy, steel wedge or plate on the nose — it becomes a problem, especially if you happen to be in its path.

Brave says anyone who might own one of the affected units, including those who contacted the firm after the previously announced recalls, should stop using the log splitters and contact the firm to receive a free replacement cylinder.

The log splitters are made of steel and painted orange and black, or blue and black.  They have trailer hitches and rubber tires, and each log splitter has a decal on the side that reads “Brave Products, Inc.” or “Iron & Oak” and “__ ton”, so take a look and make sure you’re not in danger of “detachment.”

Recall Release #09-174 [Consumer Product Safety Commission]


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