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We’re sure you’re sick of Hyde products for now, but we’re saving the best (read: most ridiculous) for last:  the Dual-Action Flex Roller.  Hyde claims that with their new roller you’ll spread paint more evenly, paint faster, and work more effectively.

Hyde attached a second spring-loaded roller to a basic paint roller to create their Dual-Action Flex Roller.  It takes standard 9″ roller covers and can be used with extension poles.

We think Hyde incorrectly describes how their Dual-Action Flex Roller actually works.  They say, “Simply place the top roller on your surface and roll. Spring action will force the bottom roller to follow…”  Looking at the picture, this doesn’t make sense.  The only way this thing works, if at all, is if the top roller is the one that’s spring-loaded.  You put the pressure on the bottom roller, and the spring keeps the top roller against the wall.

If you think you can actually control this contraption and actually paint faster, you can purchase it for $18.

Dual-Action Flex Roller(PDF) [Hyde]
Dual-Action Flex Roller [Hyde]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


10 Responses to Hyde’s Dual-Action Flex Roller

  1. bartsdad says:

    Kinda like all the new razors with 4, 5, 6 or more blades for a better shave.

  2. Jaxx says:

    If the top roller was sprung then it would want to flip round in front of the thing every time you lifted off, the bottom one has to be sprung so you can push against it, which would push them both evenly against the wall.

    Still no idea if its worth it.

  3. Firemarshal Bill says:

    Where’s the laser!!!! This thingnshould be laser guided!

  4. Scott says:

    Has anyone used one of these?

    I’d like to see Toolmonger.com take the plunge and go beyond paraphrasing the press release or online description. Empirical testing is the best way to decide how it works and how well it works.

    Inquiring (and stingy) minds want to know! Is it fair to call it ridiculous when you haven’t tried it? Better your $18.00 than mine.

    I suspect the idea is to apply paint predominantly with one roller. The second evens out the coverage and maybe uses a stipple cover or some such for effect. No need to dry-roll the surface as a separate step. If that is true, then all strokes have to be up or down, depending on which roller is applying the paint.

  5. tooldork says:

    I can see how they could claim to finish painting faster since it seems the second roller performs the back rolling function of more evenly distributing the paint.

    Not that I’m going to spend $18 to experiment.

  6. _Jon says:

    Yeah, that would be _easy_ to load the paint onto in the tray without dripping… NOT

  7. Chuck says:

    It would be a total clusterfark to clean, load, use, etc. This can only be targeted at Joe Homeowner who has never EVER painted ANYTHING before.

  8. Rob Retter says:

    This is hilarious! I really thought it was some sort of joke when I first saw the picture. It’ll make a great gag gift for any professional painters in your life.

  9. Michael says:

    Something tells me this thing was born of a late night drinking/painting party…

    But I do agree with Scott – I’d love to see some toolmonger product testing. Hell, maybe the monger could recruit some of his loyal minions to buy and test some of these things…. With pictures and commentary, naturally. Put a price cap on it – say $50 – unless somebody was really interested in it…

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