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We sometimes see rigs like this Powerfoil in movies — through some twist of cinematic fate, they tend to disconnect from their moorings and go spinning out of control into the nearest bad guy. In real life, according to the Big Ass Fans website, these wicked-cool-looking fans with their 16’ – 24’ spans move air effectively and non-lethally.

You might expect these giant fans to be power hogs, but their 1 to 2 HP motors only draw about as much power as a ceiling fan at home, and an in-line helical gear reducer makes wear and tear much less of a problem.

If you want one you’ll have to custom-order it, ’cause they build each fan for the space it’s meant for — expect to pay more than for a household ceiling fan.

Powerfoil Plus [Big Ass Fans]


14 Responses to Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil Plus

  1. Jim German says:

    “You might expect these giant fans to be power hogs, but their 1 to 2 HP motors only draw about as much power as a ceiling fan at home”

    Umm, 1 HP = 745 watts, that’s about 10 times more than a 52″ ceiling fan (68 watts)

  2. Keith says:

    The motor is sized for the maximum power needed at maximum speed. Their literature says some of their fans will run on as little as 30 watts, albeit slowly

  3. MR P says:

    I saw fans that size or even bigger in Mcmaster Carrs warehouse

  4. Andrew Leets says:

    I’ve had a 25′ Big Ass fan in my shop for close to 3 years now. It only runs on half speed because the guy who tints windows complains about it all the time but when it’s 99 degrees outside this thing still keeps it bearable inside.

  5. Dan says:

    These things are amazing. I frequent a business that uses one of these as its sole source of cooling. It is a place that you would think would otherwise require AC. No problem here though. Just a great invention.

  6. KMR says:

    Mr P: at least the ones at the NJ McMaster warehouse don’t have the nifty aerofoil cross section or the upswept tips. It really is a shame that I’ve been in that warehouse on so many Saturday mornings… McMaster is the ultimate hardware store.

    The IKEA near us also has these large fans… although of the simpler design.

  7. Ray says:

    Obviously the folks at Hyde have watched to much pimp my ride.

    Yo dawg…we heard you like to paint, so we put a paint roller on your paint roller, so you can paint while you paint!

  8. Ray says:

    Darn you tabbed browsing!! Darn you lack of edit feature!!…totally posted that on the wrong article 🙁

  9. Charlie says:

    I first discovered these at my local Ikea, also. About fell over laughing when I saw the logo on the hub…

  10. Dexm says:

    i hate it when they don’t put prices on a site. i know its a custom product, but an estimate all the same wd be nice.

  11. Nathan says:

    I’ve noticed a few older models of Big Ass Fans in Wal-Mart garden centers, as well. As it is my life’s ambition to someday successfully specify a Big Ass Fan on a job (I know, dare to dream!), I once took the time to grab a set of toy field glasses from the adjacent kids’ section to confirm the model. Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed to find that they used the more conservative “HVLS” (High Velocity, Low Speed) alternate model/series nameplate. Y’know, in case any eight-foot-tall basketball players with 20/10 vision might happen to notice the nameplate, and be scandalized by the word “ass” on equipment suspended from the structure of their local family-friendly megamart.

  12. john casey says:

    Finally got a price from Bigassfans….
    I would love to have one for my barn. I now use 4 fans that cost $65 each from Home Depot.
    Bigassfans said I would need one of their small fans at 10 feet and $3000 dollars. I said “thanks” , but no thanks. I may have considered $300, but not $3000. Obviously geared for businesses and industrial applications. Too bad the little guy with the horses will almost never even see one of these fans. I really would have liked one. In a barn, the air movement not only feels cooler, it keeps the flys from biting as they can not move around very easy.

  13. JT Peterson says:

    $3000??? That is a serious let-down. There is absolutely NO way they should cost that much. I mean, just think about the parts involved…it is not rocket science. 30X the cost of a regular fan…Ill have to pass 🙁

  14. PAt says:

    one website said a church was getting one and they are paying 24k for it.

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