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It’s been a busy week here at Toolmonger.  If you’ve been spending time in the shop — you should! — and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select:

Jot Some Notes On A MagNote
Stick one of these MagNotes from Rockler on any magnetic surface in your shop and instantly create a place to jot down notes.  You write on the 4″ by 3″ MagNotes with #2 pencil and erase the note with a standard eraser when you’re done.

Editorial: Sad But True — Shop Pic
Talk about Doh!  I look back fondly on December of ’08, because it was the last time my shop was functional. It’s my own fault. This is what happens when you become the dumping ground for other people’s crap or projects — the junk seems to swell beyond capacity and beyond any semblance of control.

Lincoln Welders Backpack
Welding gear is expensive — even if you start with a basic unit, all the accessories you need will cost you some more of your hard-earned bucks. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a complete package that could hook you up with everything you needed? Here comes Lincoln Electric with the Lincoln Welders Backpack.

Autocloser Closes The Garage Door For You
How often does this happen to you:  You’re lying in bed and the wife asks, “Honey, did you close the garage door when you came in?”  You can’t remember, so you get out of bed to check.  You can avoid this whole scenario if you install Xceltronix’s Autocloser.

Head 2 Head Hands-On: Bosch SPS10 vs LI3000 SmartDriver
One product at the Bosch event which received close to no attention was the little SPS10 screwdriver, Bosch’s entry into the palm driver market.  We decided to pit it against one of its slightly elder brethren, the B&D SmartDriver, to see how it stacked up.

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2 Responses to The Week in Tools: Toolmonger Top 5

  1. Rasputer says:

    You should probably just stop mentioning the podcast and maybe we’ll just forget it existed..

  2. bartsdad says:

    I vaguely remember podcasts.

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