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Hyde likes the number 10.  First it was the 10-in-1 Painter’s tool, but that wasn’t enough 10’s, so they made the PaintMiser 10-in-1 tool.  Instead of carrying this tool in your pocket, you probably want to leave it close to the paint — most of its functions have to do with getting every last drop from the can.

Let’s enumerate the functions:

  1. It opens cans.
  2. It closes cans.
  3. It scrapes paint from the inside can wall.
  4. It cleans drips from the outside can wall.
  5. It scrapes paint from the bottom of the can.
  6. It scrapes paint out of the can rim.
  7. It scrapes paint from under the can lip.
  8. It cleans rollers.
  9. It mixes paint or drywall mud.
  10. It smooths wallpaper corners.

We think smoothing wallpaper corners might be stretching a bit to get to ten uses, but at least they don’t claim the lanyard hole as a tool.  You can pick up a PaintMiser for as little as $5.

PaintMiser (PDF) [Hyde]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to PaintMiser: Hyde’s Other 10-In-1 Tool

  1. Jaxx says:

    It scrapes paint out of the can rim.

    Why the hell didnt I think to cut a peice of sheet metal out to do this before! Clingfilm over the lip never works so im off to the shed! Thanks Hyde.

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