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A few months ago we covered Striker’s drywall tool, but we overlooked their new carbide utility score. The two tools are very similar in design except that instead of a blade, Striker gives the utility score a carbide tip for scoring materials like fiber cement siding, concrete backer board, laminates, and glass.

The primary purpose of the utility score is for scoring and snapping materials, but Striker also builds in some other handy features to make it a useful multi-tool.  On either side of the blade are aggressive cross files for cleaning up material edges;  above the scoring tip is a serrated notching saw for squaring up corners;  and on the back of the handle there’s a striking cap for setting nails or knocking out cutouts.

Striker manufacturers the handle from anodized aluminum and the blade from hardened steel.  A spring steel lock keeps the blade in place whether opened or closed, and a thumb stud allows you to open the tool one-handed.  The pocket clip holds the tool on your belt, or you can remove it if it’s getting in your way.

Striker’s Carbide Utility Score will run you about $17.

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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. Yuppers says:

    I don’t work with those materials everyday, but it seems like the knife would be better if it was not a “folder” since you would be using it alot. IE just taking it in and out of a sheath to mark all your cuts and whatnot. Otherwise looks awesome!.

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