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I don’t know how woodworkers do it. A good quality clamp will run you $30 to $60 per clamp — yet most committed woodworkers have a wall of 20 to 50+ clamps. That money would buy me the cabinet saw I’ve been looking at, and I feel lucky to own the half-dozen bar clamps that I do have. This R&R Stackable Clamp System at my local Woodworks caught my eye, and it looks like a good deal — but unfortunately it’s still out of my budget.

The clamps are available in 12, 24, 36, 42, 48, and 60-inch lengths, but the set I’m looking at is the Pro Clamp System that’s made to assemble cabinet frames.  It comes with 24 clamps that are 24″ long, two bottom and two top alignment bars that line up the clamps, and a 3/8” driver for your drill. The clamp mechanism rides against a heavy-duty threaded rod, and you tighten the clamps with the included driver or with a 3/4” socket — much nicer than the typical hand-screw handle.

The R&R Stackable Pro Clamp System sells for about $875, and it looks like a great space-saver if you do production work of similar items.

Stackable Pro Clamp System [R&R Clamp]


4 Responses to R & R Stackable Pro Clamp System

  1. MKram says:

    Well once the woodworker in question sawed all that timber they needed to glue it back together thus the $ in clamps….

  2. Kyle says:

    I’m a newbie woodworker….. I’ve so far built a dresser/hutch for my daughters room, and a shaker bookcase. I too struggle with clamps. Putting the face frame on the bookcase tapped me out. I can say this though, DONT BUY generic K-Body/parallel clamps. I wish I would have thrown in the extra 10 bucks a clamp to get the bessey/jet/irwins. The cheap knockoffs you see at woodworking shows required a two handed operation to move the head up the bar, where the nicer ones don’t. And man, oh man is that annoying when you are holding work in one hand and trying to get a clamp under it with another. In my opinion, the cheapo f-style clamps are sufficient for almost everything I do, so don’t feel like you are gonna disappoint Norm if you don’t have a wall full of beautiful red bessey’s

  3. Gary says:

    Gotta keep your eyes open for sales. About 5 years ago HD stopped carrying Bessey Kbody clamps in my area. 24″ clamps were $5-10, 31″ were $10-15, 40″ were $15-20 – depending on the store. I went to a different one every night for a couple weeks.

    A few years ago there were massive sales online for Bessey’s 125th anniversary. I was making a few doors at at the time, and got 4 96″ Kbody clamps for $21 each.

    Recently a lot of places were selling them for cheap again when the new Revo styles came out.

    You don’t have to spend what you would on a cabinet saw to stock up on clamps. You just have to keep your eyes open. Think about putting some money away into a clamp fund so you can be opportunistic when needed. A good supply of quality clamps makes glueups a lot easier.

  4. paganwonder says:

    The variety in my clamp collection (the result of here & there purchasing over the years) serves me very well- every different type project needs seems to need a variety of clamps. The seemingly random collection gets well used. Variety is the way to go.

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