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Everybody has their favorite method of keeping cable clutter under control, whether it’s Velcro straps, cable trays, zip ties, or even cable lacing.  Here’s another method to add to your cable-organizing repertoire:  Wirestraps.  These clear straps keep cords together, keep them in position, and blend into the background.

The adjustable polyester straps use a 3M advanced acrylic adhesive to stick to wood, fiberboard, latex paint, metal, plastic, and glass.  The thin profile allows the straps to fit where other fasteners won’t, and they’re water-resistant, UV-resistant, and solvent-resistant.

A bag of 25 Wirestraps will run you $4.50.  Wirestraps also come in a professional version that work for industrial cable management such as automotive wiring.  The professional version will run you $6 for a bag of 25.  Shipping for either type will cost you an extra $4, but buying five-packs only raises the shipping to $5.

Wirestrap [Corporate Site]


6 Responses to Wire And Cable Management With Wirestraps

  1. Michael says:

    I am missing something. Why not just wrap clear tape a time or two around–and then leave a tail to stick it to whatever surface desired?

  2. Scott says:

    This sort of thing can easily go too far. Tidiness shouldn’t trump safety or utility.

    Some data and AC power cables shouldn’t be routed parallel and close to one another. Ditto for AC and audio, or even for more than I think four (can someone confirm this via NEC Code?) AC cables. Sure it looks nice, but it can cause a fire, noise on the audio, and data loss.

    Beyond that there are long-term maintenance issues. If lots of cables are held together in this way, what happens when some of those cables need to be swung to another termination point, removed, or additional cable need to be run? Hook and loop is reusable. Zip ties can be cut off. Adhesive solutions often don’t adhere well enough to too well.

    This sort of thing has its place, but it pays to be judicious and use the best solution for the situation.

  3. Chris A says:


    I am grateful but also surprised that Mr. Johnson chose to review our product. I don’t know him, however I’d like to personally thank him for taking the time to write about it.

    I am, believe it or not, the inventor of the Wirestrap product. I work in automotive industry and have been supplying this product to the automotive OEM’s for over 13 years. It has two U.S. patents and uses a 3M 300LSE high performance acrylic adhesive system. This is the same adhesive technology that holds many parts of your cars interiors together and your body side moldings and trim pieces on. I’ve been in the pressure sensitive adhesive business for 25 years, and take it from me, and I’m not just “selling” here, the stuff works and it works great. It ain’t no hardware store sticky tape !

    And Michael … Just to be fair. The Wirestrap is not a piece of tape looped around itself. It is high tensile polyester film with zone coated adhesive on both ends. One to adhere to the substrate and one to stick to the strap itself in it’s looped position. It is designed to put the adhesive into its strongest mode … shear. Your suggestion would put the adhesive in a modified peel and it would fail quite quickly, especially at high temps. And as far as removing the Wirestrap is concerned per Scott’s comment; it can easily be cut with scissors or a utility knife and can be peeled off, albeit not too easily.

    Folks … they are different than anything on the market and have been strategically supplied exclusively to the OE’s for a reason. That reason is now obsolete. Get ready for the NEW way to fasten wires quick and easy !

    Thanks again … Chris

  4. Chris A:

    Why are you surprised? We’ve covered other cable management solutions.

    I’ve seen these in a few cars and always wondered about them. Then I ran into your ad in the back of a Popular Mechanics. I checked out your website and was I was actually surprised they were available to the general public. I thought they might work in some more permanent home applications.

  5. Chris A says:


    I simply was not familiar with toolmonger.com, that’s all. We’ve just launched the Wirestrap to the general public and are hoping to get it distributed nationwide through various network channels, both wholesale and retail. Thanks again for the kudos. Just curious … where have us used the product before? It was only available to the OEM’s and tier 1/2 supply chain and dealerships for warranty repairs. Let me know if you don’t mind … thanks !

  6. Chris A:

    Sorry, when I said “I thought they might work in some more permanent home applications.” I didn’t mean that I had used them, just that I thought they would be an alternative in some situations. If I thought so, I figured some readers would think the same.

    I can’t remember which automobiles I’ve seen Wirestraps in, but I swear I have. I thought one of the vehicles was our 2003 Wrangler, but I looked and could find any. Maybe I saw them when I was up under the dash.

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