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When someone says, “Let’s take the car for a spin,” you might not want to hop into the passenger seat so fast. The Roller Hoop auto body rotisserie allows professional and DIY restorers to more easily work on the underside of a stripped body.

You weld the vehicle frame to tabs, and these tabs attach to the two hoops, four tabs per hoop. Four roller wheels allow the vehicle to spin, and foot brakes control the roll and lock the vehicle in place. You can also connect four legs that help move the whole unit around. The Roller Hoop comes with a DVD, and you can get additional jig kits for it.

Made by Auto Kraft Body and Paint in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Roller Hoop lists for $2,300, but has an introductory price of $2,000.

Roller Hoop [Auto Kraft Body and Paint]


9 Responses to Roller Hoop

  1. _Jon says:

    I’d like to see how big that beast would have to be to hold 1965 Lincoln….

  2. FredB says:

    Looks like a good start on a stunt car simulater.

  3. _Jon – it will hold 2500 pounds. Don’t know what the Lincoln weighs though.

  4. PeterP says:

    I looked into building one of these for the car I am restoring, but it wouldn’t actually fit into my garage.

  5. melvin says:

    I’d think the end mounted style rotisserie would be in the way less and take up less space when in use.

  6. auto Doug says:

    Wow you never know where your product will end up ! to corect a few things though, you bolt the jigs to exiting holes in the body no need to weld, I have a 63 galaxie mounted up in a lager set of hoops and it work just fine, also will be mounting up a 56 Lincoln Mark, this system is for serious guys looking to do good work, while having less stress to the vehicle. The body shell is suspended in the mid section, rather than hung from the ends as a end mount unit. Any qulity built rotisserie is a great asset to have and use in the restoration of a classic, the Roller Hoop is just a very time saving less stressfull way to get the job done for us and others that have found it’s unquieness beneficial, not for every one but when you see it out at an event try it out and you will beter understand it’s concept.

  7. Brau says:

    Having replaced the tunnel on one of my cars this way (on the side) I can attest there’s no better way. Sure beats working over your head or on your back. Wish I had the ability to roll it around like this though as I had to spend a lot of time messing with jacks and supports.

  8. oilstain says:

    Beer + Racing Harness + this doohicky = a good time in the garage!

  9. Daniel says:

    I hate you.hahahahaha.

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