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Recently I bought an older Craftsman radial arm saw and put it right to work rebuilding some decking — afterwards the carbide edges on the old blade were rounded over, and it was well past its useful life. Some fellow woodworkers informed me that since this saw will only be used for 90-degree crosscutting, I want a blade in the 80-tooth range, and since Forrest blades are too pricey I decided on the Freud TK806.

This 10″ blade has 80 carbide-tipped teeth, and the “TK” is for thin kerf. It’ll cut through stock like butter and it leaves the ends silky smooth — it even leaves a smoother finish than the 80″ blade in my compound miter saw.

A Silver Industrial Cooling Element (I.C.E.) coating helps keep the blade cool, and laser expansion slots help eliminate blade warping — there are also dampener inserts near the teeth to stop vibration.

The Freud TK806 sells for about $55.

Freud TK806 [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Freud TK806 Saw Blade

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    i can not praise the freud blades high enough, i am currently deployed to iraq, and another soldier and my self have been tasked to build suitable living for other soldiers, one of the few tools we had when we started was a craftsman hypoid saw with a 7 1/4 freud avanti blade thin kerf, after ripping over 300 2×8 16’long into 2×4 and cutting nearly 600 sheets of 5/8 cdx it is still going strong and i’m not kidding it has outlasted skil worm drive blades, marathon, the dewalt blades on both our crosscut saw and our table saw (we received both after work began) the freud blade was set to numerous task prior to the project i am referring. the only problem i have is that i do not have more of these blades. if i had a blade for the crosscut and table saw i’d be in heaven, oh and on top of all that the blades is still completely red like it has not lost it;s coating the words are barely readable but they are still there too. i honestly plan to upgrade all my personal home tools to the freud blades, i saw amazon had some great deals on 10″ which my stationary tools at home are and i already ordered some 7 1/4 to be sent to my house since i found great deal on them on amazon.

  2. jeffrey immer says:

    oh i know what else i was going to say, i wish the craftsman saw was up to the challenge that blade can take, the plastic parts all fell off or broke. most to the wood we had was rough soaked in water and twisted in all sorts of questionable ways, the freud goes and does not stop, and the other blades bind up constantly

  3. Trevor says:

    After I dropped $400 on my 12-inch Dewalt DW718 miter saw, I was doubtful about spending another $100 on a Freud blade. If I made a top-10 list of “best money I’ve ever spent”, that blade would definitely make the cut. (heh)

    Hey, Toolmonger guys — how about organizing a Jeffrey Immer Freud Blade Fund? I’d like to help, and who knows, maybe Freud will help out!

  4. jeffrey immer says:

    that would be greatly appreciated, but it’s not a fund for me but for the soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team 1st Cavalry Division Stationed here in kirkuk iraq that greatly benefit from the work we do. we are not trained carpenters by the army, just at home enthusist who found a way to share our talents to help our fellow soldiers. and i don’t want to give the impression that the army does not try to supply us with the best that we can get, however we are in a foreign nation and sometimes the best we can get is what can be purchased locally (blades with kerfs exceeding 3/16 and arbors much too large for our tools)

  5. fritzgorbach says:

    First off – I recently put a 96 tooth freud blade on my 12 inch mitersaw to do some trim work in my house, and it the cuts are like glass. I also put a freud 10 inch combination blade on my brand new tablesaw, and I think I’ll never buy a different brand. They are a great value.

    Second- Why not start a tool drive for our soldiers who may need to build or repair everything they need to survive day to day. Companies may help if enough tool buyers ask. Those of us who work professionally could probably secure items from suppliers. Who couldn’t chip in something from the tool fund? Hey, it may not be much, but a couple of blades here, a wrench there, it might add up.

  6. I’ve had my Sonicrafter for a couple of months and already I feel like I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out of it. It is a heavy-duty, professional quality tool and this set comes with about everything one needs to get started on any project. So far I have used all of the tool attachments except the rasping triangle, and so far so good.

  7. SuperJdynamite says:

    You have an 80″ blade in your miter saw?

  8. I was waiting for someone to catch that…. maybe I own a small sawmill…. or maybe meant my 80 TOOTH 10 inch discount blade that sucks more than a shop vac plugged into 220…

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