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Talk about Doh!  I look back fondly on December of ’08.  I look back on it fondly because it was the last time my shop was functional. It’s my own fault. Seriously, take a look at this picture and tell me this is the shop of someone on the ball. This, quite frankly, is what happens when you become the dumping ground for other people’s crap or projects — the junk seems to swell beyond capacity and beyond any semblance of control. That program ended two days ago.

I snapped this picture about an hour into working the mess down, and I posted it on the blog to serve as a warning to others.  Especially if you have a shop at work and the home shop is not your primary, beware! Don’t end up like me, two weeks behind any project you’d like to start, simply for the fact that you can’t get to your tools.

I’ve already begun several projects, like a new miter bench and a few homemade wood racks, as well as a bit of store-bought storage for some of the new gear I’ve managed to steal from my old man. I’ve also started the crap-removal process which has already filled two trash cans.  It’s shameful, I know, but over the next few days I’m getting the home shop down to fighting weight if it kills me –- or anyone else in the way for that matter.


7 Responses to Editorial: Sad But True — Shop Pic

  1. beano_t says:

    This has been a constant struggle for me. I just re-discovered my router table that had so much stuff stacked around it was not functional.

  2. Michael W. says:

    Good for you Sean. I seem to go through this every Spring once the weather clears up.

    I plan on taking two days next week and completely move EVERYTHING out of my shop. Then I’ll put everything back in one piece at a time until my shop is where I want it to be. Then I’ll sell, give, recycle, burn and/or throw anything that didn’t “fit” back in.

  3. Joel Wires says:

    I hear you Sean. I’m still doing most of my projects out of one toolbox, because most of the rest on my tools are still boxed up/ covered with other junk for the last year and a half. We are having a garage sale in a couple of months that should clear out most all of the extra junk in the garage that isn’t ours, and claim the space for the great TOOLANDIA! Let the whine of the router, and the whirr of the tablesaw sound forth!

    I guess I got a bit carried away there… I’m just looking forward to my only two available power tools being a Dremel, and a cordless drill.

  4. bidwell says:

    This is the constant struggle with my wife for control of the garage. I clean it up so I can move, and I come back and there’s tomato cages everywhere. The lawn mower is in the path to the bench. The major problem is she bought a dresser 2 years ago when we moved in that she was going to refinish. It’s been sitting in there taking up a 1/4 of the garage ever since. Someday I just see myself tripping over something while carrying the portable table saw outside.

  5. blore40 says:


    Marriage is give and take. Give her the rest of the house. Take the garage. 🙂

  6. Mike lee says:

    I have to clean my work shop every two weeks, because I have so many tools. I have been collecting tools since I was 16 years old. That’s a amazing 34 years. My workshop has 17 tools boxes in it, so it’s a constant scruggle to keep clean and I know where every thing is located, a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. If you use the tools, they will pay for themself. I just a toolmonger.

  7. Brian BB says:

    I just finally got both the basement and garage to fighting weight. It is amazing how the junk multiplies like cockroaches. The trick I believe is constant vigilance. The shakers put it best. Everything in it’s place, a place for everything. And vigilance means vacuuming the sawdust after every time in the shop.

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