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My quest for a dado blade began on eBay where, after numerous searches, I picked up an older 7″ adjustable dado with carbide blades. The first time I used it I discovered that my contractor saws won’t hold most blades — the shaft diameter was right, but there weren’t enough threads to hold the blade on.  So I did some additional research, found out that I’d need to use a smaller blade, and ended up with the Craftsman 6″ Stacked Dado Blade.

This stacked blade cuts a fairly smooth bottom. I built a couple of beehives, so I had to make plenty of box joints and grooves with the dado — it performed great, and the boxes turned out great.

The blade comes with two 8-1/16″ chippers, a handful of cardboard shims, and two outside blades that cut 1/8″ each. The blade will cut up to about a 1/2″-wide dado and will fit on saws with a 5/8″ arbor. Even though I have no wear on my blades yet, my only wish is that these were made with carbide tips.

The Craftsman 6″ Stacked Dado Blade sells for $37.

6″ Dado Blade [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


6 Responses to Craftsman 6″ Stacked Dado Blade

  1. Jim German says:

    I’ve got one of these that has 4 chippers, 3, 1/8″ and 1, 1/16″. It works great, but I wish I had a 1/32 shim/chipper to use for the common metric plywoods.

  2. Thanks Theron! The 20% off Rockler e-mail coupon helps it hard to pass up.

  3. I ordered this product after seeing it on TV and reading reviews online. It seemed easy enough to use. It arrived ontime from Amazon and I completeed my first project within the first few days of owning it. I started with some simple drawer pullouts for our kitchen cabinets, the pocket joints were so easy. I am really excited about building more. Easy to use, with a little sanding after you plug the holes it is easy to finish. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Rockwell Spammer says:

    Please stop spamming threads with astroturfed placements.

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