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Welding gear is expensive — even if you start with a basic unit, all the accessories you need will cost you some more of your hard-earned bucks. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a complete package that could hook you up with everything you needed? Here comes Lincoln Electric with the Lincoln Welders Backpack.

This kit contains the basic tools that’ll get you started:  a welding hood, leather gloves, soapstone, hammer, magnetic holder, welding clamp, and it’s all in a convenient backpack. The heavy-duty leather gloves will protect you from sparks, along with a full-face helmet instead of a small handheld face shield.

The Lincoln Electric Welders Backpack will set you back $105.

Lincoln Electric [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]


2 Responses to Lincoln Welders Backpack

  1. josh says:

    Where can I buy this at. Or just the bag itself thanks

  2. josh says:

    Where can I buy one? Really just want bag

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