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In situations where I need to calculate wire size, breaker size, or some other electrical value, I usually have to break out the electrical handbooks or hunt on the web to double-check my work. If, like me, you can never remember the codes and values for electrical wiring, the ElectriCalc Pro can help.

The ElectriCalc Pro can solve electrical problems with just a few taps of the keys, and it’s National Electrical Code-compliant, based on 2008 code. It’ll calculate wire size, breaker size, overload protection, resistance, starter size, line drop, OHMs law calculations, and many other common electrical calculations. It also functions as a standard calculator.

For about $80 you can get the ElectriCalc Pro, a case, a pocket reference guide, an additional hard case, and a one-year warranty.

ElectriCalc Pro [Spectrum Research]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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