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You know the iPhone has entered the mainstream when big brand-name companies that have nothing to do with the original product start making apps for it — like Stanley’s iPhone level.

Stanley wasn’t the first to make a level app, but we’re guessing they wanted to throw down in the digital arena in hopes that geeks will like the iPhone app enough to buy a real-life model to back it up. The iPhone version, called “Stanley Level,” features four interchangeable application skins that emulate existing Stanley levels, providing consumers with a simulated experience of all their major level product lines.

Since the app is free on iTunes I fail to see how it’s a bad thing, and if you have a burning need to use your phone as a level –- don’t laugh, Chuck has done it more than a few times in a pinch –- then this might actually be a fun program to have.

We might add, think twice about using your iPhone in any place where harm might come to it — but then we’ve seen them used for everything but a hammer, so as long as you feel good about it, more power to you.

Stanley Tools [Website]
Other iPhone Level Apps [Google]


2 Responses to Stanley's New Digital Level — Sort Of

  1. Jereme Green says:

    I am pretty sure there will be a mass production of these type of levels

  2. matthew says:

    There has been an app like this (called bubble) for the Google Android (T-Mobile G1) for awhile.

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