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The Gator Guard, from Bird-X the makers of Irri-Tape, imitates an alligator floating around in your pond or pool to keep geese and other waterfowl from crapping in your yard.  Hell, even if you didn’t have a bird problem, having a fake gator head floating in your pool would still look cool.

Bird-X makes the Gator Guard from weather-proofed urethane foam and keeps the realistic paint job from fading with a UV protective coating.  They mirror the eyes to flash in the sun, ensuring birds notice the head. The wind moves the 25″ long by 11″ wide by 7″ tall head around and bobs it up and down in the water mimicking an alligator’s movements.

Depending on the surroundings, one Gator Guard can scare water fowl and small mammals over an area up to one acre.  Bird-X claims the Gator Guard is even effective in regions without alligators, because the birds’ fear of alligators is instinctive, not learned.

The Gator Guard retails for $70, but you can get it for as little as $45 if you shop around.

Gator Guard [Bird-X]
Street Pricing [Google]
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7 Responses to It’s Just Cool: The Gator Guard

  1. BigEdJr says:

    Cool… I want one for my pool!

  2. Someone needs to tell the geese around our office part that they should be afraid of alligators. There is small pound here with 2 of these and the geese just swim around with them. There is even geese crap on them. 🙂

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve seen these used here in Memphis and they’ve cut drastically the numbers of waterfowl at the local park. The mighty terrapins, however, still sunbathe on them.

  4. Jereme Green says:

    Yes it would look cool I would love to scare the birds away

  5. BG says:

    Does anyone know if this thing scares away amphibians? It is really important to keep ducks and other water birds out of small ponds, the vast majority of amphibians reproduce in very small ponds (less than 1/4 of an acre). We are already reducing their habitat enough as it is, if you have a small pond that caters to amphibians you will be doing them a very nice service.

  6. russ says:

    I would see that this would work in the SE where alligators do live because the local geese population probably know about dangers in the waters. Other than that they may not know what it is and treat it like a log. The best I have seen so far are Coyotes. We have coyotes in every county in NC but most people in the state don’t know this, as myself until I saw one. Where I have seen a coyote recently I have noticed the geese population decrease especially at the nearby private country club. Another person told me he saw 3 or 4 Coyotes near a pond trying to figure out how to catch them. Within a week he started seeing feathers. Leave it to man’s best friend, well the wild one that is, to get rid of those illegal aliens flying across our northern border 🙂

  7. Ken says:

    The hell with fake ones . Stick a couple real ones in the pond and watch all hell break loose.

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