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A year or two ago we posted a guy swinging on a crane arm. Now this other guy has apparently taken up the challenge and is vying for the bonehead crane-swinging crown.

He exhibits great style in his routine, however he fails to realize this isn’t going to end well should his head ever hit the arm, or should the guy inside fling him off at whatever trajectory he happens to be launched on –- and I do mean launched — at the moment of disconnect.

Looks like fun, and probably is the first time or two, but at some point someone isn’t going to be able to hang on, and the resulting mess will require a meat wagon.

When Workers Get Bored [YouTube]


One Response to Doh! Crane Style

  1. ambush says:

    I would imagine he’s not dumb enough to hang on but is using some kind of fall harness. Still incredibly stupid though.

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