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Some glue dries clear, some dries yellow, some dries brown.  Regardless of what color it dries, one thing’s for sure — it’ll be the wrong color.  If you need color-matched glue, FastCap sells a colorant kit for their 2P-10 two-part adhesive that might do the trick.

You first mix the colored dyes to match the color you want and mix in the right amount of 2P-10 Jel.  Apply the mixed glue to the workpiece and then spray the glue with the activator.  You can sand the hardened glue because the color is permanent and spread evenly through the glue — if you mixed it well.

For $50 you get blue, red, yellow, brown, white, and black colorant, a 2.25oz bottle of 2P-10 Jel adhesive, a mixing pad, mixing sticks, and instructions, all in a plastic carrying case.  You’ll have to purchase the activator separately.  FastCap also sells individual colors for $5 apiece.

Glue Colorant Kit [FastCap]
Glue Colorant Kit [WoodCraft]


2 Responses to Glue In Any Color, Including Black

  1. Greg A. says:

    That seems a bit steep to me but pretty cool

    can the dye be used in other glues?

  2. RJerryC says:

    I am unsure of the particular glue involved here – never heard of it or tried it. However, decades ago we discovered you could put plain old food coloring into Elmer’s (and similar) glues to get the color you wanted. With the paste food color, it should work with nearly any glue – maybe even epoxy.

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