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This ring cutter from American Diagnostic Corporation is the tool to use for removing rings from swollen fingers.  We can almost hear the Toolmongers mutter something about a Dremel with a cutoff wheel as they read this — but remember, when you’re an emergency worker you want to make the situation better, not cause more damage.

The tool’s safety lever slides under the ring to protect the finger from the razor-sharp serrated saw.  You hold onto the chrome handle and twist the large thumbscrew with the other hand to cut through the ring.

This tool probably won’t be in the average Joe’s toolbox — it’s intended for medical professionals, police, and firefighters — but if you still want one, pricing starts at $20.

Ring Cutter [American Diagnostic Corporation]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


23 Responses to The Safe Way To Remove A Stuck Ring

  1. Adam R says:

    I love the ads that came up when reading this story, both selling new rings

  2. Michael R. says:

    Might be a couple tool related uses for this… all I can think of at the moment would be cutting zip ties from cable bundles… I often worry when I cram clippers into the bundle that I might cut a wire in the process.

  3. pruitt says:

    I had this done once because I caught my ring overhead and it nearly pulled the flesh off my finger (sorry so graphic). Anyway, I completely agree about the emergency workers, but I sure wish they had used a Dremel! It took over five minutes with his little twist wheel and I would have gladly done it for him much more quickly. If I had known they were going to cut off the ring in the ER, I might have gone ahead and done it before I went.

  4. Mike47 says:

    There’s an altetrnative method I learned from an operating room nurse that MAY be useful if time and circumstances allow. It involves compressing the swollen finger by successive wrappings of dental floss until the ring slides off. Takes time and temporarily cuts off blood flow to the fingertip, so “only a professional should attempt” has to be said here. As I said to a doctor once who offered to cut off my wedding ring before minor surgery for carpal tunnel, “I don’t let the jeweler do surgery on me, and I don’t want you slicing up my ring if you don’t need to.”

  5. Trevor says:

    I have one of these, although it’s in my expedition first aid kit, not my toolbox. People often don’t think to remove rings from a sprained finger, or worse at the onset of an allergic reaction. But once that finger starts swelling, sometimes cutting is the only way to get the ring off and restore circulation.

  6. Brau says:

    Ahh memories. I recall my ol’ dad cutting his ring off with a hacksaw. Sure caught my attention when I saw him with one hand in the bench vise and sawing away at it with the other.

  7. o4tuna says:

    # Brau Says:
    I saw him with one hand in the bench vise and sawing away at it with the other.

    I personally don’t wear any jewelery. It’s dangerous & I’m cheap.
    I have had to cut off a couple rings for people – hey, I am the go to tool guy…
    I have a couple pairs of extra heavy duty made in Germany toenail clippers, looks like a pair of diagonal cutters, with an odd curve. Works great!
    I don’t know if these are the same brand, but they look like this:

  8. KMR says:

    I don’t think that’ll work on a world series ring…

  9. Coach James says:

    tuna, I have a pair of those clippers also. I saw them advertised in another medical catalog as “small bone cutters”. They work great on toe nails that are enlarged with nail fungus.

  10. Tetsubo says:

    My wedding ring is made of titanium and 10mm wide. I’m not sure this device would get it off. I had considered a tungsten ring…

  11. JT says:

    They will work on any ring that will fit in the jaws. As firefighter I’ve had to use that style ring cutter hundreds of times.

  12. David Bryan says:

    I’ll never forget the jeweler coming by to cut off my girlfriend’s 94-year-old grandfather’s wedding ring after he decided not to try going through dialysis anymore.

  13. beetlekill says:

    why not just use a pair of sidecutters?…the finger has to be worth more than a ring and two snips and 10 seconds would have it off…just saying …for emergancys….

  14. ambush says:

    My boss lost his finger because of his ring, shit happens.

  15. Jim K. says:

    Hmm… Starting to sound like a new “Hot or Not” here- Rings, Hot or not?

    I’ll put my vote in as the typical answer, sometimes. It’s Hot for keeping my wife happy (and a nice one doesn’t look half bad), but when I’m working in the shop- Not!

  16. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    At one point I was considering a ring tattoo in order to keep the wife happy while not wearing my wedding ring. She wasn’t really thrilled by the idea – told me to just take the ring off when I’m working – but be sure it’s back on before I step into a bar!

  17. Jereme Green says:

    My buddy loooks like he may need one of these one day his ring is so tihgt around his finger its not funny infact I needed this tool about two years ago its a great idea

  18. rg says:

    Working around industrial machinery — no rings!!! I also replaced my metal watchband with a cheap silicone one from Wal Mart. It’s non-conductive, you can wash it, and it will probably snap before my wrist does. Hey, why not use a nitrile o-ring as a wedding band?

  19. Jerry says:

    Tetsubo Says: My wedding ring is made of titanium and 10mm wide. I’m not sure this device would get it off. I had considered a tungsten ring…

    My wife and I were thinking about titanium rings, until the person we were working with told us a story about having to be called into a hospital because the medical staff couldn’t remove a titanium ring from a patient. According to him if he hadn’t been able to get to the hospital, the patient would have lost his finger. After that we decided to skip titanium.

  20. David Bryan says:

    You can do a search for “cutting titanium rings” and there’s a lot of information on it. Apparently it’s no big deal. Titanium’s not all that hard.

  21. Fred Lynn says:

    Usually, I only lurk around blogs, but this post made me have to say something. Great job bro! :mrgreen:

  22. sam says:

    is that valid for tungsten also..coz it’s the strongest metal ever…
    if any one want 2 know more about tungsten ring than you can visit at my site


  23. Guy says:

    No, a ring cutter like this will not work on tungsten rings, but those can be removed by crushing them slightly in a pair of locking pliers or a bench vice. Of course doing this shatters and it cannot be repaired, but better to lose a ring than a finger

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