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If you need to get under your car using a ramp that’s portable and easy to set up and that you can partially disassemble once the vehicle’s on it, Race Ramps makes a product that might fit the bill.  It seems like an awfully specialized target market, but if you need it, here’s a Portable Pit-Stop Ramp.

The ramp will lift you 14″, and installs with just a tape measure. You can get it in a racer or a standard model — the racer model has a cut-out section that makes it great for lower profile vehicles that can’t get up on a standard automotive ramp.  When you disassemble the ramps, the parts fit inside each other to make a small, neat pile.

The Portable Pit Stop starts at $2,795.  I think I could do the same thing with two pairs of jack stands and a floor jack for less than a tenth of the price.

Portable Pit-Stop Ramp [Race Ramps]


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  1. PeterP says:

    I was actually looking for something like this a while back. We were going to install frame braces on my friends mustang, but you need to have all four wheels supported and level. We ended up just having a shop do it, cause there is no simple way to do it at home.

  2. Dave says:

    I have 4 pieces of 2×10 about 2 feet long with another 2×10 18 inches long nailed on top.

    My AWD subaru drives right up ’em and the extra 3 inches of ground clearance is plenty for changing the oil, since the car is already 7 inches off the ground, or so.

    Not that these ramps aren’t cool, but for 3 grand you can buy a VERY nice professional style 2-post or 4-post lift!

    Heck, you can get ’em for under 2 grand!


  3. KMR says:

    I think the idea for this isn’t everyday home or shop use. This is for guys that go racing to use at the track for convenient under car access. You can easily put this together and tear it apart over the course of a race weekend, it’ll comfortably stack in the front of your trailer or pick-up bed.

    That said, someone could have a nice niche market bringing and setting up a couple 4 post lifts at race weekends and renting them by the hour. If you can get something done faster with more access so you get more track time (that you’re paying for), you probably wouldn’t mind paying $50/hour to use a lift. There sure were times I’d have wished for lift access at the track!

  4. Joe says:

    How can you drive onto four jackstands and floorjack? I want to see a drawing. 😉

  5. river1 says:

    a similar idea but IMHO better executed is http://www.kwiklift.com/ and for cheaper

    later jim

  6. argosytech says:

    Jim beat me to it… I actually dig the KwikLift better and it’s cheaper!

    And I want to see someone drive up onto the jackstands, too! 😛

  7. KMR says:

    Are you gonna haul a KwikLift to the track? I don’t think so…

  8. Old Donn says:

    Like KMR said, this is a little pricey for the weekend warrior. Sure would be nice to have tho.

  9. Charlie says:

    The “Awfully Specialized Market” he’s talking about is the Rally Community. I’ve had the opportunity to view these in action in the past, and they’re pretty sweet, because they can pack up into a service truck and be carted to a service location. I can’t exactly justify the price either, because I’d probably take the Pin Stand route…

  10. Jereme Green says:

    This is a wonderful idea but I think that the price is a little steep and yes I hae done this with 2 car ramps and 2 car jacks

  11. rg says:

    For half that price, I’ll come to your house and dig you a ditch to drive over. I’ll even bring my own shovel.

  12. Turner Joy says:

    Rg- for the same price will you follow a rally team and dig a ditch at each checkpoint for a couple years?

    Like stated before in the thread and a rally car shown on the ramp this is for easy transport, takedown and setup and to save time. I would guess that this might be easier/safer to setup if you don’t have solid ground vs multiple jacks.

  13. jack stands says:

    I think may be jack stands could help you do this.

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