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I can see the benefits in wearing an apron in the woodshop — for one thing, it’s nice to keep my often-used stuff close at hand — but half the time I forget I’m wearing it, and my pockets just end up full of sawdust. That’s not a problem with FastCaps’s Ballistic Apron, because its pockets are attached with Velcro for easy emptying.  Another plus:  the Ballistic Apron is “self healing.”

FastCap makes the high-end Ballistic Apron from rugged ballistic nylon with rivets at the high-stress points and long, adjustable straps. The self-healing material of the pockets allows you to carry sharp knives or tools without fear of ruining the apron, and there are pockets for earplugs, phones, tools, and the normal woodworking tools.

The Ballistic Aprons starts at $35 and goes up to $50.

Ballistic Apron [FastCap]


3 Responses to FastCap Ballistic Apron

  1. When I read “Ballistic Apron” I was thinking this was more like a kevlar vest, but for people who work with power tools.

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  3. Coach James says:

    Wouldn’t the velcro get clogged with sawdust and crud? Just take the old type apron, turn it upside down and dump it out.

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