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Grizzly’s come out with a new cabinet saw for 2009, and to my untrained eyes it looks equivalent to the Jet, PowerMatic, or Delta saws — but it’s priced $500 to $1,500 less than all of those. Maybe the build quality isn’t as good as the competition, but I’m guessing this saw could keep any hobbyist or pro woodworker happy.

The saw features an extended 50″ rip capacity, so it’ll handle that sheet of plywood with ease. Adjustable legs support the extension table, providing a flat and stable work surface. A 3 HP single-phase 220V motor powers the saw, and the left tilt of the blade helps to reduce kickback.

Other safety features include a separate riving knife, kickback pawls, and a blade guard. The riving knife moves and tilts with the blade as well. The saw weighs in at 644 pounds and comes with a Shop Fox fence system. The saw is powder-coated, and Grizzly makes the work surface of hardened, ground, and polished cast iron.

At $1,350 this saw looks like the best candidate when I upgrade from my contractor saw.

G0691 Cabinet Saw [Grizzly]


3 Responses to Grizzly Cabinet Saw

  1. jasony says:

    I bought a Grizzly 1023 table saw about five years ago and love it. Powerful, accurate (when I tune it up), and reliable. Plus, it’s a cabinet saw for around $800! They’re up around an even grand now.

    Build-wise it’s maybe a small step in fit and finish below a Delta or Powermatic, but once it’s covered with sawdust you don’t notice at all, and whatever it lacks in the appearance department certainly doesn’t detract from function.

    I bought a Grizzly jointer and bandsaw as well and haven’t regretted it. Grizzly’s a great way to get VERY high quality tools for the hobbiest, or decent-quality pro level tools. The local lumberyard used Grizzly stuff and if it’s good enough for them day to day, it’s good enough for my shop.

  2. fred says:

    Grizzly offers some decent machine tools at very good prices. I often visit their showroom in Pennsylvania. I’m impressed by their straight line rip saw – and if our old Oliver ever gave up the ghost – I’d consider the fairly inexpensive Grizzly:


  3. Jereme Green says:

    I think this machine is great it looks like it is perfct for cutting sheets of plywood and other materials

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