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I can think of a dozen times when, in the heat of a home construction project, I’ve whacked my head on something.  It was just a matter of time before I did something really bad, so I’ve started wearing a hard hat more often. Now that my wife likes to help out with the projects, I supposed she’ll need to gear up as well, and you know she won’t want to use my nasty old brain-bucket — luckily GirlGear makes a hard hat that’ll protect her head without cramping her style.

The ANSI-certified hard hat fits head sizes 6-1/2” to 8”, and you adjust the height of the hat with a quick-glide suspension, just like any other hard hat. It comes in pink — what did you expect?

The GirlGear Hard Hat sells for about $8.  That’s cheap;  get a spare!

Hard Hat [GirlGear]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to GirlGear Hard Hat

  1. Girl Who Likes Tools (But Hates Pink) says:

    As a female person who likes, needs and *uses* tools, but personally hates the color pink, all I have to say is “aigh!”

    Why does every manufacturer of {whatever} think that if they make the thing pink, women will automatically love it?

    I’d just be happy for gear, tools and clothing that was built for and fit a woman’s body and proportions, with use-appropriate features and options just like the men’s versions (ever try to buy women’s work or sports pants, with, oh, pockets and belt loops? Except for Duluth Trading, they’re near impossible to find!) – never mind stupid marketing coloring tricks. Make *real* stuff for us, please. No need for it to be pink. Yeesh.

  2. RE: Girl Who Likes Tools (But Hates Pink) says:

    I”ll second that! As a female blacksmith that wears a size 0 (and also hates pink), I too often run into the problem of ill-fitting equipment. Give me a properly fitted welding glove in a puke green any day!

  3. You just sit over there, hon. Put on this cute plastic hat. Nono, I’ll take that hammer. You just pass me the screwdriver when I need it. Nono, the phillips…you know what that is right? Oh you do? And you’d like to stick it WHERE? Jesus, and I see you know how to use the vice-grips, too. That kind of hurts.

    And I thought women liked to be treated like prepubescent girls. My bad.

  4. Sean O'Hara says:

    I think my other half would flay me alive if I suggested she wear a pink hard hat…. actually that’s not true, she carries a gun for a living I’d be the dead guy in the corner with a pink hard hat stuffed up… well you get the idea.

  5. David Bryan says:

    Many years ago on my first construction job the rodbusters wore pink hats. I worked jobs later where the instrument techs wore pink hats. I like pink.

  6. Joe says:

    There are two colors of hardhats. Whitehats and others.

  7. Ffaelan says:

    When I was working on a disney attraction one of my co-workers pissed the Imagineers off something firce and the stole his had hat and painted it pepto pink. Being the Jersey boy he is, he wore it proudly all the while exclaiming, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN AT”

  8. goober says:

    Since y’all don’t have the fortitude to ask:
    who is the gorgeous woman modeling the hat?
    (yes, I’m new here)

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