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It seems Toolmonger reader Schnaars is a man cut from the same cloth as I am — we both use Photoshop for everything.  In this case he used it to spec a chair that his Other Half saw in a catalog.  We saw his story and had to post it.

I hate to pay for things that I’m pretty certain that I can build. This chair for example. My wife loves it, but it didn’t look too complicated to build. (I’m about 1/2 finished and I’ll post photos shortly)

I was able to get the general dimensions from the catalog, but wanted to get specifics like arm length, arm height and the height of the feet. Photoshop to the rescue.

I just dropped the photo of the chair into PShop, scaled it something easily divisible by the actual size (6″ = 36″) and then leveraged the guides to see where things really go.

If you don’t have PhotoShop, PowerPoint offers a similar feature.

Try it out

Try it out indeed, sir. After seeing it in the pool Bill Schuller, another regular to the site, helpfully suggested doing a similar breakdown with Google’s Sketchup program, which is just about as a good a method as you see here.  We love to see this kind of stuff going down — hats off and beers up to you both.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Woodworking With Photoshop

  1. Will says:

    There are plenty of free/opensource alternatives to the Adobe Suite.

    Nothing against Adobe at all, their products are great, just expensive as hell.

    The Gimp, Photoshop alternative
    Inkscape, Illustrator/vector alternative
    Scribus, InDesign alternative

    Open Office has a great PowerPoint alternative, and whole office suite.

    As a user of Linux, OSX, and Windows, it is nice to have a set of free, powerful, usable apps that work the same on every system.

  2. Joe says:

    I saw Schnaars’ post also, and it’s a great method. I’ve used Visio for making plans for a long time, and it works well for this too. Since I’ve recently started working with Sketchup, it’s good to know that this is possible with that too.

  3. Dan Wood says:

    I was about to type the same message as below. But you can refer to below to find what I was gonna type…
    We used to do this sort of thing all the time to be able to draft and render buildings in Architectural School (before I failed out for liking the rec center more than my studies…)
    One other note: If you really want to make a ‘model’ you can use Sketchup (Available for free from Google) to do 3d modeling really easily, its very simple and intuitive and there are a ton of videos on YouTube that are tutorials. And you can import photos, and then 3d model on the same screen, basing a model off of a photo…

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