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Miller’s new Free Stuff or Cash promotion goes until July 31st — basically it’s a mail-in rebate deal, except Miller was smart enough to know that we want gear, too.  So instead of cash you can opt for the Stuff option, which will net you a selected item that lists for roughly twice the amount of the cash option.

Thankfully Miller isn’t doing the classic thing where you need to finance a small country to get a free toothbrush. Also, the gear is matched to the item you purchase — for instance, if you buy a Wildcat welder Miller will give you $100 or a Black Performance auto-darkening helmet.

Of course both the cash and gear are a “mail in and wait” game, but if you’re making the purchase anyway it’s a nice kick on the back end.  I always forget about it after a week or two, so when whatever mail-order thing I have coming finally arrives, it’s like finding a twenty in the dryer.

Free Stuff or Cash [Miller]


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