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Veritas’s two new block planes look like sportscars or a speedboats, ready to handle the wind tunnel.  Every woodworker needs a block plane, and a small plane like this is also handy for homeowners, for removing end grain, smoothing over corners, and smaller removal tasks.

These planes measure in at 7″ long and 1-3/4″ wide. The plane bed angle is 12 degrees and should require minimal to no flattening out of the box.  All hardware is stainless steel, and all adjustment and controls on the planes are made for easy use and ergonomic comfort.

The polished version will be part of the Veritas premium line, and the black one will be part of the regular lineup.  As with any plane, these should always be pulling paper-thin shavings off of the wood — if yours isn’t, you might want to re-read the setup instructions.

The premium, polished version lists for $280, and the black version for $180.  Due to their cost, these might not be the best option for a first set of planes, but they’d be a great upgrade.

New Block Planes [Veritas]


5 Responses to New Veritas Block Planes

  1. Rob says:

    How is this not tagged as Tool Pr0n?!? Uh-Oh, I’m getting drool all over my keyboard!

  2. Gary says:

    I tried the premium version at a woodworking show. Fabulous tool – in looks and function. A bit pricey, but if I didn’t already have a block I’d be sorely tempted. Wait, I’m still sorely tempted…

  3. jay says:

    what does no flattening out of the box mean?

  4. Lower end planes will not be flat or even close to flat out of the box. The higher end planes have their contact surfaces or soles ground or machined to make a perfectly flat surface. With cheaper planes you have to do this yourself.
    Typically higher end planes like Veritas or Lie-Nielsen will be perfect out of the box, at the prices for them they better be.

    Depending on your uses a lower end plane that is not flat might not be noticeable to you. Here is a quick article on WoodNet about it:


  5. fred says:

    @ Paul Lapczynski

    My finish carpenters carry Lie-Nielsen Bronze Block planes – nothing else any more. They are worth every cent – and as you say their soles are lapped flat as can be – but the blade still needs a bit of honing out of the box.

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