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The simple problem of keeping cords coiled breeds many strange solutions, like giant twist-ties and molded-plastic contraptions, so why not throw some Velcro at the problem, too?

Coil Keepers are simple wraps made of nylon and Velcro with built-in ABS D-rings.  You wrap the Coil Keeper around the coiled hose or cord, and hang it from the D-ring.  The 15″ long by 1-1/2″ wide straps can even join together for larger diameters.

Pricing start at $4 for a set of four Coil Keepers — or you could probably whip up something similar with the previously covered two-sided Velcro rolls.

Coil Keeper [Bowtie Products]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to Another Solution For Taming Cords And Hoses

  1. Joe says:

    Two things I’ve used that work great, both come from a bike shop–velcro pump straps, and toe clip straps.

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