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This bench built by reader Jasony reminds us that simply constructed projects don’t have to look boring. Immediately this piece catches the eye and makes you look a little harder.

Whether you like this style of furniture or not really isn’t the point –- it’s interesting. The asymmetrical lines are just enough to make you do a head check, and the deep-grained look of the mahogany backs up the fact that this isn’t cheap Euroway-style stuff you might find at the local cheap-ass furniture place.

Well done, Jasony — even though you had to turn it over to the commissioner of the project, it still looks great.  We hope that with the cash you get for it you build another for yourself.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


10 Responses to Flickr Pool: Asymmetrical Bench

  1. Gazonga/Gonzaga says:

    It makes me look a little harder for an axe and a fireplace.

    God’s teeth, what a horror!

  2. jasony says:

    Well, the client loved it. 🙂

    I presented three options to her and this one was by far her favorite. She liked it so much she hired me to do some additional work. Me, I really love the look (as did my wife). It’s sturdy and has a wonderful finish, plus it fulfilled the needs of the client with a place to store shoes off the floor.

    Thanks for looking, Gazonga. I’m curious why you don’t like it. Asymmetry? Materials?


  3. knotlinks says:

    I think it looks straight dope, though I’d like to see it without that little shelf underneath. Personal preference though. Smashing!

  4. Gazonga/Gonzaga says:

    Jasony: If the client loved it… well, that’s hard to argue with, isn’t it? 🙂

    As for my own dislike, it’s just personal aesthetics, and I owe you an apology for being so obnoxious about it.

  5. Aaron says:

    I think its a great piece of work, but not something I would have in my house. Good job on it!

  6. Gary says:

    Nice job on that, Jasony. It’s hard to think outside the box at times. Very well executed.

  7. aaron says:

    I think it looks super cool. nice work there.

  8. paganwonder says:

    Jasony- very nicely done. As for a couple of these comments-wow, I guess anything beyond 4 posts and a plank is too WILD? Interesting revelation.

  9. bob says:

    This is a beautifully conceived and executed design.

  10. Steve W. says:

    I love it. With slightly different legs maybe and a light finish, it would look very Heywood-Wakefield-ish.

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