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A blade organizer like this one might be a little overkill if your tools never leave the shop, but if you’re constantly on the move, having all your blades in one secure location could be worth the $40+ price tag.

Made from polypropylene, the Blade Organizer is environmentally friendly.  OK, we barely kept a straight face when we repeated that, but at least it’s made in the USA.  You carry the organizer with a 5″ self-storing handle and keep the lid closed with a 3-1/2″ tight-grip latch.  The lid is designed to hold the blades in place when closed, so even if the Blade Organizer gets thrown around in the back of the truck it should protect the blades.

The Blade Organizer can hold up to 12 sleeves, and you can choose from three different sleeves to hold each blade: a 7-1/4″ circular saw blade holder, a 10″ blade holder, or a multipurpose holder that can hold Sawzall, hacksaw, and jigsaw blades.

You’ll pay $40 for the case with a few blade sleeves thrown in and about $4 for each extra sleeve.

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2 Responses to Keep All Your Blades Safe In One Place

  1. David Bryan says:

    Well, if you had to put them somewhere special, how about a cheap metal file box from the thrift store and some manila folders?

  2. tshirtbill says:

    way, way over priced.
    plus you have to buy the inserts.

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