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Amazon is selling the American Lawn Mower Company SK-1 Reel Mower Sharpening Kit for $14.50 w/Super Saver shipping on orders over $25.  Not only will a good sharpening make mowing easier, but your lawn will look like a thousand baby angels delicately snipped each blade of grass.

Sharpening Kit Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Street Pricing [Google]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: SK-1 Reel Mower Sharpening Kit $15

  1. Dan says:

    Yeah I got this one, works good.

  2. Erik Ordway says:

    Leave the crank off and attach a drill with 1/2 inch chuck. It is way faster.

    Great tool for a great mowing system as long as you keep the blades sharp.

  3. paganwonder says:

    This is a good 2 beer project that looks like you are doing something important- but don’t tell my ‘Boss’

  4. Dan says:

    Useless. For the crank just reverse the gears and walk around with the mower. Get valve grit from an automotive store for the compound. And spread it on with your fingers forgodsake.

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