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Usually when I work under the hood, I keep the tools that I’ll need in the next hour or two on the body seams or on the coolant and windshield washer tank — and these tools often fall off or just end up missing.  This new portable automotive service tray from Craftsman reminds me of a TV tray for mechanics, but it’ll keep tools and small parts at your fingertips, not down in the engine.

The 25-pound tray will save you from having to move out from under the hood to grab something you forgot or left on another tool cart.  The tray sports six parts sections, slots for longer tools, and non-slip inserts to keep things in place if the tray gets bumped. The height adjusts from 34″ to 47-1/2″, and two locking casters’ll keep it from rolling away.

Craftsman’s portable automotive service tray sells for $100 in the Sears catalog, and it looks like something I might pick up sight-unseen.

Service Tray [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


9 Responses to Craftsman Portable Automotive Service Tray

  1. Kevin says:

    Little known fact: Anything that you find in the online catalog that’s available for standard ground shipping can be ordered with free shipping if you use the kiosks inside your local Sears.

    Standard ground shipping applies to most anything under 150lbs and not in oversized packages. The item options will usually specifically say “shipping” or “delivery”.

    Sure, in this instance it only saves you $10.50, but if you were going to be in the store sometime soon anyway, why not?


  2. HAHA. Thought I was the only one who did that. I went to Harbor Freight and bought this cheap cart: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=6650. It works great for me. I like the Craftsman one since it gets really close to the engine bay, but for the price difference, I will stick with the cheap cart. 🙂

  3. Toolaremia says:

    That HF cart is CRAP! I have one. Any real weight on it and the bottom tray starts to buckle, making the casters no longer caster. Unfun.

    Pep Boys used to sell (may still) a Torin service tray like the Craftsman for $50 that would go on-sale sometimes for $40. I bought one of those. Not as big an offset as the Craftsman, but the extra offset hasn’t made me regret not spending the extra $50. If you’ve got it however, spend it. A tray is worth it if you regularly work on cars.

  4. Kris says:

    I don’t think you need to use the kiosk in a Sears – I have ordered stuff from them over their internet site and had it shipped to my local Sears free. It is one of the shipping options during checkout.

    In each case the pickup has been painless – a kiosk in their pickup area, if I remember correctly you need to have the credit card you used to buy the item. A couple of minutes wait, and voilá a genie (okay, a Sears dude) appears with your stuff.

  5. Kevin says:

    @ Kris

    That is a valid option if the item in question is actually carried at anytime in the store. The situation where you order for in-store pickup a couple days later usually indicates it’s a store stock item but is not in stock at the time and more will arrive in a few days.

    Then there’s the other 4.3 million items on Sears.com that are ship only to your house with no option for in-store pickup because they are not carried in-store at anytime. This item is an example of the latter.


  6. Old Donn says:

    Got the not quite as fancy AC Delco clone of this at Murray’s some years back and it does the job. The only problem? Like any other flat surface in my garage or basement, when not in use it attracts clutter.

  7. james b says:

    I’m using my girls Radio Flier wagon with a cut-down foam floor tile in the bed at the moment. It is a good height for suspension work, and seems like it would be good for working in the engine compartment. As I’ve said before, I don’t do business with Sears anymore.

  8. fritz gorbach says:

    I have an old hospital meal table. It’s made to go over the patient in bed. Same kind of idea – adjustable height and all. It does not have any lip, so you do have to watch for rolling items, but i use it all over the shop. I’ll watch for this to go on sale and maybe get one, too. You can never have too many carts or benches.

  9. fruffino says:

    Has anyone checked out the portable utility tray from Material And Transportation Engineering Co on facebook? All steel construction, solid, stable, portable. Holds up to 150 pounds. Adjustable from 14 inches to 34+ inches. It even has a light arm that lights up the engine compartment or any place it is used. Very nice.

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