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Checkpoint packs a hell of a lot of measuring into their EV600 Square — it’s a combination square, torpedo level, and laser level, plus a bunch of well-thought-out features, all in one small package.

Checkpoint CNC-machines the EV600 Square from aluminum alloy 6061, laser-engraves all the markings, and anodizes it in four different colors: Brilliant Red, Royal Blue, Black, and Platinum.  They use acrylic vials with 45 minutes of angle sensitivity and a 650nm Class III laser diode that’s aligned to within a 1/4″ at 100 feet.

The rule stows inside the level and can be configured as an offset or flush square at a fixed 45°, a fixed 90°, or an adjustable angle.  A threaded aperture adapts all Checkpoint lenses and accessory attachments to the tool, plus the unit has a standard 1/4″ thread for use with standard camera tripods.

The EV600 Square runs for 10-20 hours continuously on two AAA batteries, and the laser diode will last an average of 10,000 hours.

Although the EV600 Square retails for $60 you can find it for $40 at Rockler.

EV600 Square [Checkpoint]
EV600 Square [Rockler]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to A Hell Of A Lotta Features Packed Into One Level

  1. Kevin says:

    I work in my spare time in digital music and there’s a general rule of thumb that the more features you pack into one tool, the less effective those features are compared to their single feature, stand-alone counterparts.

    Is this just one step on the road to trying to pack way to much stuff into one item to the point where they aren’t effective anymore?


  2. I was waiting for the Jack of all trades, master of none quote.

    There are plenty of products that fit this phrase, but there are some excellent products that don’t. Unfortunately as of late some companies have haphazardly slapped together multi-function products too because they have seen the success of some excellent multifunction products.

    I think it all depends on whether the tool is well thought out, well engineered, and the functions compliment each other. It also depends on what you mean by effective.

    Take my Leatherman Micra for example. There are a bunch of tools packed into a little easy to carry package, so I have it with me all the time. Now any one of the tools on the Micro would be 10x better as a standalone tool, but they function well enough for me to get the job done. It can be the difference between fixing something now and waiting until I can get the right tool.

    I haven’t used the above tool, but I suspect that it is well engineered, and well thought out because of the reputation of the company. And if the features aren’t complimentary, at least maybe they don’t get in each other’s way.

  3. Joe says:

    I understand Kevin’s point, and agree with him in a lot of applications, but in this case, we’re still talking about the basic functions of a level, so I don’t think it’s quite applicable. Now if they were adding scissors, or a hammer head . . ..

    As a side note, if it comes in “four different colors: Brilliant Red, Royal Blue, Black, and Platinum,” (of which I’m glad) then what is shown above?

  4. fred says:

    I’m not sure why – but my prior comment suggesting that Chad’s Toolbox may offer a lower cost ($39.99) buying option – never got posted.
    Have others had difficulty with this site – because we’ve had fairly good buying experiences with them – purchasing Checkpoint, Knippex and Wiha tools

  5. @Joe:

    Good catch Joe, I missed that. Here’s the exact wording on the site.

    Standard anodized colors are Brilliant Red(#0334R), Royal Blue(#0334B), Black(#0334BK), and Platinium(#0334PL).

    I got the picture from Rockler because they had a better view of the level. I’m assuming that, Checkpoint will do custom colors if the order is large enough. That probably explains why Rockler has a lower price, they ordered a large quantity to get discount pricing and are passing the savings on to the consumer.

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