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Here’s one for the woodworker who has everything:  a Variable Gang Saw from Veritas.  They sent out the release today, which made me pause and doubt the tool’s reality — but I hope it’s not an April Fools prank because I see dovetails in my future with this tool.

Two metal bars connect the handle and the blades — you can move the blades left and right along the bar and also bevel them left and right.  Brass knobs at the ends of the bars lock the three blades in place to keep your cuts in line.

Some diagrams at the Veritas site linked below will walk you through the dovetail process in six steps for pins and tails.  I wonder how many steps my dovetail router template has?

Sometimes a tool that looks really cool and unique turns out to be just a novelty gadget with performance issues, but typically Lee Valley/Veritas sells high-quality products, so I suspect this’ll work fine.  Right now it’s available only from Lee Valley for $220, but I expect it’ll be in other woodworking stores soon.

Gang Saw [Lee Valley/Veritas]


7 Responses to Veritas Variable Gang Saw

  1. fred says:


    Yet another tool in the Veritas April 1st lineup – too bad you missed out on buying it yesterday – because it won’t be available again (nor was it really available yesterday)

  2. Robert says:

    Here’s a link to all the April fools day products they had.


  3. Geoff K. says:

    There’s a link at the bottom of the product page, “Click here for more information…” which points to this URL:



  4. Geoff K. says:

    Oh, and click on the “Item Search” link on the left nav bar on their site, and search for “AFD” and you’ll see several other past gems, too. My favorite is a toss-up between the Pouchless Toolbelt (be sure to click on the “View” link beside the part number @ the bottom of the page) and the Honing Guide Mk.XXXXII. It’s the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything…

  5. Gary says:

    Rob Lee posted about the saw on another forum. All of the April Fools tools do actually work, however clunky they may be. LV is usually the first site I check every year on AFD.

  6. Darn… I actually was looking forward to getting that one.

    If I didn’t spend half of my life being snookered think of all the free time (and money) that I would have!

  7. You know I looked at all the other ones. They really must have made most of them when you see the multiple photo and some look like cool ideas.

    The Pouchless Tool Belt is hilarious:

    I would walk next to a tool box or a car with that on and be stuck for life.

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