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Forget holding the flashlight in your teeth, or depending on that underpowered light the manufacturer puts under the hood — instead shine some real light into your engine compartment with this under-hood work light sold by Jack’s Tool Shed.

The light’s spring-loaded arms extend to fit any hood 70″ wide or less.  The foam-padded ends are hooked to catch the edges of the hood without causing any damage, and the aluminum frame holds the light on a rotating pivot to get the best angle.  You can connect the light directly to a car battery, a cigarette lighter port, or an AC outlet.  It weighs only 8lbs and uses a standard 30″, 30W fluorescent tube, which is included.

A few manufacturers make similar but more expensive under-hood lights, but the $65 price tag and the ability to connect the light directly to the car battery or cigarette port make this a hard product to beat.

Under-Hood Work Light [Jack’s Tool Shed]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


9 Responses to Under-Hood Work Light

  1. Chris W says:

    Some fluorescent lights have trouble starting in freezing temperatures. For 65 bucks these had better work when it is zero deg F and you can’t get your car to start.

  2. MattM says:

    Dude, $65 is the discount price for these lights. If it works at all it’s still a better deal than the usual $140 pricetag.

  3. george says:

    i had something similar a looooong time ago. used it a few times and then it just gathered dust. shadows seemed to throw me off.

  4. DISCO-STU says:

    I want to make my own, someone show me how.

  5. heywood says:

    well, surprised you’d ask, but red green is ready for ya…got some duct tape and an old lamp? well, you take the duct tape and attach the lamp to the underside of the hood; don’t be stingy with the duct tape!

    then, you take the plug end of the old lamp and cut off the plug. strip the ends of the wire and attach ’em to the battery. go get a cfl bulb and put it in the lamp…oh wait, it might not light….well screw it! duct tape a maglite to your baseball cap!

  6. toby says:

    Also great for detailing the interior. Spans the roof and really illuminates the inside of the car!

  7. Highly recommended by auto techs is the new WorkStar 1400 from Maxxeon.

    Available from many retailers for $99


  8. Eduardo Quirinono says:

    I purchased one of these lights a couple of months ago and it quit working. The light worked great for the little time it worked. I am in the process of finding where to get it fixed. I do think the 12 volt adapter that you use to connect to the vehicle battery is a bit weak.

  9. John A MacNiol says:

    please where can I purchase one on line with my debit card.
    thank you for helping. John A MacNicol.

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