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When wire welding, the material you put into the weld is just as important as the skill you do it with — the wrong stock can actually make a great-looking weld that won’t hold up very well.  McKay makes it easier to choose just the right stock with the announcement of two new lines of aluminum solid welding wires and TIG cut lengths:  Smootharc 4043 and Smootharc 5356.

Hobart Borthers joined with Maxal Aluminum to offer up the new Smootharc wire.  The wire meets the American Welding Society Specification A5.10, which makes it usable for critical welding on heat exchangers, food manufacturing equipment, transportation equipment, boating or shipyard applications — in short, just about anything you might need to do.

Smootharc 5356, a magnesium-based alloy, provides good strength for structural applications — it’s designed to resist hot cracking, and it’s also suitable for components that need to be anodized. The Smootharc 4043 also resists weld cracking, and a higher level of silicon provides good wetting (in layman’s terms, the “sploot factor”) making it easy for welders to use.

Both the 5346 and 4043 solid wires are available in .030-, .035- and 3/64″ diameters on 1-lb. spools or 12- and 16-lb. reels, all of which are shipped in a heavyweight, reusable plastic bag and a sturdy double-wall package to protect the wire from contamination.

Smootharc Aluminum Wire [McKay]


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  1. wire forming says:

    These welding wires are excellent! Another great innovation from Hobart Brothers.

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